by Echoes The Lion

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released July 24, 2013

Recorded during April/May of 2013 in a small basement in Sudbury, Ontario on shoddy audio equipment.

Produced entirely by the band.



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Echoes The Lion Greater Sudbury, Ontario


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Track Name: Catch (Demo)
You're sitting on a gold mine.
You're sitting by yourself.
You're sitting with the words I want to forget.

And just like you talk,
just like you walk,
just like you're programmed to receive.

Heads are rolling,
hearts don't care.
Catch 'em if you can.
Always in the back of our minds,
down the stairs.
Catch 'em if you can.

You're dancing on the front lines
You're dancing with a ghost
You're swaying with the airwaves
that I love the most.
Track Name: Lost At Sea (Demo)
Haven't seen the shore in a long time, castaway for life.
Made a living searching through the skies
Looking, hoping that I'd see.

You were bigger than the sea,
Swallowed in the waves like me.
Searching for a way to be free,
And I know that as the ocean slurs
You're lost for words unlike me.

And I can't even hear a sound and my compass spins round and round.
The ocean slurs, my heart beats fast
This is the end, it's come at last.
Track Name: Desiree (Demo)
You know I've been blessed with absolution.
Forget the rest, you're fading fast.
And you'll attest, to this conclusion.
And you'll begin to walk alone.

I've been dying to meet you.
Oh Desiree, of desire.

Here I am, here I am run away with me.
Time to go, time to go slam my drink and leave.
Poison lips, poison hips, poison tongue and eyes.
Turn the clock from the start, then tell me lies.
Track Name: Wolves (Demo)
There's always something tucked away.
Under my skin, and there it stays.
But in the moment, under the moonlight,
the wind rings through the trees.
A certain fire in my eyes,
that maybe helps me recognize where I came from.
I'll tell the tale son, and it'll go like this.

I was raised by a pack of wolves
And I'll fight until my last breath escapes my lungs.
I was raised by a pack of wolves
And I'll fight until my skin separates from bone.

What was a spark, is now a flame.
A feeling that I can't explain.
The freedom, the courage to always carry on.
You taught me something that I should've known.
Dried up leaves, and falling snow into the winter night.
We shed our tears tonight and carry the torch home.