Last Dinosaur - EP

by Echoes The Lion

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released December 10, 2013

Recorded 09/2013 in a basement in Sudbury, Ontario.
Produced by Echoes The Lion.



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Echoes The Lion Greater Sudbury, Ontario


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Track Name: Find You
Her hair burns bright like the sun.
Engulfing everyone.
But I wait for her to come home.

It's alright if I find you.
It's alright to.

The night is darkest for the day.
Holding the words you say.
But I beg for you to come home.
Track Name: Young Hearts
You wouldn't believe,
how the spite ran through my bones on a Monday morning.
Running around downtown.
Poor baby, you had everything in the world except common sense.
Now I'm black and blue and seeing red.
You didn't agree when I wanted to leave.
Left you battered and bruised like a ship lost at sea.
So save all your words, conquered and slurred by your pity.
Trying to catch the last train out of this city.

I left so soon, I didn't know what to do.
I didn't know what to do.
Across the room, her eyes are filled with gloom.
Her eyes are filled with gloom.

So turn off your lights. Break all your rules.
Crawl into bed with your open wound blues.
Track Name: King's Highways
Don't have a map. Don't know where to go.
Driving down the highways of Ontario.
Beat up car, and one headlight.
Left it all behind. Don't got a home.
Moving out west, who the hell knows?
Hitchhikers waiting for a way to get home.
It's all about the motion.

Looking through the rear-view at the road.
No ones in sight. Just the night time cold.
No more gas, and the engine's out.
This is what you get for being alone.
An empty road waiting just to take you home.
But no one knows that you're on your own.
It's all about the motion.
Track Name: Down And Out
I'm drowning out your city, I'm drowning on my own.
Fight fit and sitting pretty while I'm drenched to the bone.
Feel the tremble, hear the sound.
Kill your conscience, let's go twelve rounds.
Cause down and out and all around.
Down and out is all I've ever known.

Now let's start the show.
Burn it down before we let it go.
Lower than low.
Because we say so.

Now you; you're dining with the slaughter.
Shining in the deep end.
Wincing with the sharks.
And you; as tempting as it may seem.
Solid as a new dream.
Just can't hold your own.
Now your alone.
Watch out.

And even with your old friends and even with your tone.
You're burning down your forest. You're burning your ozone.
Feel the tremble, hear the sound.
Kill your conscience, let's go twelve rounds.
Cause down and out and all around.
Down and out is all I've ever known.
Track Name: Start It All Over
Step in time and walk the line.
Now I am starting all over again.
Feel the thunder through your bones.
Shake and rattle with sticks and stones.

Now, now as I run for cover.
I can't help but scream your name.
Now, now as I run for shelter.
I run from a song and a stage.
I hope, I pray that someday you'll feel the same.
I hold you down.

Break the silence whip and crack,
The beat, beat it back into the ground.
Strike these chords, slam those airwaves.
Now. Now. Loud. Loud.
Track Name: Catch
You're sitting on a gold mine.
You're sitting by yourself.
You're sitting with the words I want to forget.

And just like you talk,
just like you walk,
just like you're programmed to receive.

Heads are rolling,
hearts don't care.
Catch 'em if you can.
Always in the back of our minds,
down the stairs.
Catch 'em if you can.

You're dancing on the front lines
You're dancing with a ghost
You're swaying with the airwaves
that I love the most.